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Signing Agent Tip: 5 Common Loan-Signing Mistakes

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Success does not consist of never making mistakes but in never making the same one twice.” We all make mistakes. But as Notary Signing Agents, those mistakes can create significant issues for all parties involved. Fortunately, knowledge is power and knowing what some common errors are could help you to…
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Be Careful Writing ‘2020’ When Notarizing

Remembering to write the correct date when a new year starts is challenging. This year, Notaries must take additional care because writing the 2-digit form of the year “2020” on certificate dates could potentially leave a document vulnerable to changed dates. Many people typically shorten the year when writing out dates, such as abbreviating “February…
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3 Risky Questions Borrowers Ask Notary Signing Agents — And How To Answer Them

Loan document signings are crucial financial transactions for signers. It’s understandable that borrowers often have questions, and the Notary Signing Agent is often the first person they ask.  But providing unauthorized advice or the wrong answers could cause serious problems for the borrower or lender — and put the Signing Agent at risk of liability…
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Electronic Signatures: Changing The Game For Notaries

Many Notary entrepreneurs are interested in offering general mobile Notary services as well as working as Signing Agents — but they are not the same. This guide will help you compare and understand the roles of Mobile Notaries and Notary Signing Agents. For thousands of years, the only way to sign a document was putting…
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Real Estate Fraud: Notaries At Risk

Imagine getting a visit from a local police investigator with questions about real estate documents you notarized a year ago. It turns out the documents were part of a fraud scheme, and the notarization is coming under scrutiny. It happens more often than you might think. In December 2018, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office released…
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